Statements of YouDrawTheLines2021 co-chairs The Honorable Tom Davis and The Honorable Ellen O. Tauscher on the passage of Ohio’s Issue 1

“Congratulations to Ohio voters on their passage of redistricting reform in Ohio,” said Republican co-chair Tom Davis, former member of Congress from Virginia. “Tuesday’s vote shows the appetite of voters in Ohio and across the nation for the end of gerrymandering and for making government work again. The success of Issue 1 will lend momentum to the 2016 redistricting reform ballot initiative efforts in the midwest, including Illinois and Michigan.”

“We at YouDrawTheLines 2021 are so pleased to see Ohio voters overwhelmingly supported redistricting reform on Tuesday,” said Democratic co-chair Ellen O. Tauscher, former member of Congress from California. “Voters want their elected officials to work for them to solve problems in state legislatures and in congress. Passage of Issue 1 was a critical first step in Ohio. We look forward to working with interested parties to pass the second step in this process, to extend redistricting reform to include Ohio’s Congressional maps.”

YouDrawTheLines2021 is an organization formed to push for a national effort to establish non-partisan citizens redistricting commissions in key states around the country. For more information, see or follow us on Twitter @UDrawLines2021.

Voters approve issue to reform Ohio’s redistricting process

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